May 23, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
Meredith College
3800 Hillsborough St
NC 27607
Robin Oglesby

The Capital City Girls Choir is beginning its 32nd season under the leadership of new Artistic Director and Conductor Emily Turner and Associate Conductor Amy Davis. All girls ages 9 – 18 are welcome to audition. An a cappella solo will be required. Auditions are 10 minutes and prospective choristers will be asked to sing a prepared song without accompaniment, sing scales, repeat rhythms, match pitch, and do other age-appropriate musical exercises. Those auditioning for Chorale and Cantabile will be asked to sight read to assess ability. To sign up for an audition, please complete the online registration form.

The Capital City Girls Choir (CCGC) is a vocal and music training program for girls from Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding communities. CCGC is associated with the community outreach program of the Department of Music at Meredith College.

Girls Chorus
Our training choir is for beginning singers, typically between 9 and 12 years old.  No travel outside the Raleigh area is required for performances. After a successful audition, the prospective chorister is invited to join CCGC and become a member of the Girls’ Chorus, the CCGC training choir. As a member of Chorus, girls are expected to master rhythm and Solfege syllables, basic music theory, and the skills of an experienced choir member. Young choristers will spend a few years in Chorus. When the director feels she has mastered the required skills, she will be invited to audition for Chorale.

Girls Chorale
Singers in the intermediate choir range from fifth or sixth grade through early high school.  Participation may require travel out of state every other year.When the Director feels that she is ready, a chorister will be invited to audition for Chorale. At this time, she is expected to understand elementary music theory and to have a basic mastery of rhythm and Solfege syllables. In addition, she must demonstrate good vocal technique as well as initiative and self-discipline.

Cantabile Singers
Cantabile Singers is the advanced choir, made up of young ladies in upper middle school and high school. Membership in this choir requires a high level of musicianship, maturity, and commitment. The audition includes performance of a solo, as well as demonstration of rhythm and other musicianship skills, including sight-singing. 2000-2001 was the first year for the Cantabile Singers as a full time choir. In the past, the Cantabile Singers have performed as a small ensemble, comprised of selected members of Chorale. Participation requires more frequent performances and travel out of state or out of the country every other year.